HoloViews 1.13 Release

We are very pleased to announce the release of HoloViews 1.13.x!

Since we did not release blog posts for other 1.13 we will use this opportunity the many great features that have been added in this release. Note that this post primarily focuses on exciting new functionality for a full summary of all features, enhancements and bug fixes see the releases page in the HoloViews documentation.

Major features:

  • Add link_selection function to make custom linked brushing simple (#3951)
  • link_selection builds on new support for much more powerful data-transform pipelines: new Dataset.transform method (#237, #3932), dim expressions in Dataset.select (#3920), arbitrary method calls on dim expressions (#4080), and Dataset.pipeline and Dataset.dataset properties to track provenance of data
  • Add Annotators to allow easily drawing, editing, and annotating visual elements (#1185)
  • Completely replaced custom Javascript widgets with Panel-based widgets allowing for customizable layout (#84, #805)
  • Add HSpan, VSpan, Slope, Segments and Rectangles elements (#3510, #3532, #4000)
  • Add support for cuDF GPU dataframes, cuPy backed xarrays, and GPU datashading (#3982)
  • Add spatialpandas support and redesigned geometry interfaces for consistent roundtripping (#4120)
  • Add explicit .df and .xr namespaces to dim expressions to allow using dataframe and xarray APIs (#4320)

Other Features:

  • Support GIF rendering with Bokeh and Plotly backends (#2956, #4017)
  • Support for Plotly Bars, Bounds, Box, Ellipse, HLine, HSpan, Histogram, RGB, VLine and VSpan plots
  • Add support for linked streams in Plotly backend to enable rich interactivity (#3880, #3912)
  • Support for datashading Area, Spikes, Segments and Polygons (#4120)
  • HeatMap now supports mixed categorical/numeric axes (#2128)
  • Use __signature__ to generate .opts tab completions (#4193)

If you are using Anaconda, HoloViews can most easily be installed by executing the command conda install -c pyviz holoviews . Otherwise, use pip install holoviews.