hvPlot 0.8.0 Release

Release announcement for hvPlot 0.8.0

Maxime Liquet


August 25, 2022

What is hvPlot?

hvPlot is an open-source library that offers powerful high-level functionality for data exploration and visualization that doesn’t require you to learn a new API. For instance, if you have a Pandas or Xarray data pipeline already, you can turn it into a simple data-exploration app by starting the pipeline with .interactive and replacing method arguments with widgets. Or you can get powerful interactive and compositional Bokeh, Plotly, or Matplotlib plots by simply replacing .plot with .hvplot. hvPlot makes all the analytical power of the HoloViz ecosystem available, using the APIs you already know.

import hvplot.pandas
from bokeh.sampledata import penguins

df = penguins.data
df.hvplot.scatter(x='bill_length_mm', y='bill_depth_mm', by='species')